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3-Wheeled Rollators

Nova 3 Wheeled Rollator Invacare 3 Wheeled Rollator

4-Wheeled Rollators

Medline 4 Wheeled Rollator 2 Medline 4 Wheeled Rollator Drive Bariatric Rollator Invacare Bariatric Rollator

Bariatric Rollators

Medline Hybrid Rollator-Transport Chair

The Duet

The 3-Wheeled Rollator is for those who do not require the extra stability of a 4-Wheeled Rollator. It is typically:

  • Smaller, lighter, more manueverable

  • Easy to fold & store

  • For indoor/Outoor use

  • Capable of supporting up to 300 lbs

The 4-Wheeled Rollator is the classic Gold Standard. It is lightweight, sturdy, smooth, comfortable and convenient. No matter which option you decide to go with you're guaranteed to end up with a reliable and pragmatic product.


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A Bariatric Rollator is sturdier and consists of a wider frame. Supporting anywhere between 400-650 lbs, it typically provides better mobility over rougher surfaces and offers a bit more comfort.


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The Hybrid Rollator is a combination Rollator/Transport Chair.

It can be used to walk, rest or ride. Convenient puches/carry cases/cup holders are typically standard. It is designed to maximize comfort & convenience. We believe it most definitely fulfills these purposes.

Drive Rollator